About Fastarmed

Fastarmed is the designer and manufacturer of the “Auto-Eject Biometric Gun Case”. The first of its kind gun case is light-weight and versatile and designed for the home or vehicle (holds one firearm but can hold various size pistols). At the touch of the biometric fingerprint scanner, the firearm immediately deploys into the owner’s hand.

Fastarmed’s Gun Case is made of strong ABS construction that can sustain extreme temperatures and pressure. The biometric capability and the auto-eject feature sets Fastarmed apart from the competition, allowing the owner to retrieve the firearm immediately and without delay. When not in use, the firearm remains safely locked from harm’s way and cannot be accessed without the owner’s biometric fingerprint. A separate key can be used as back-up.

Company Mission: “To provide our users with safety and security and to empower them with the innovative capability to be “Armed In One Second”.

Made in the USA